Corn is a type of annual herbaceous plant in the cereal family. Corn is a crop of high productivity and versatile use. Corn grain contains 9-12% protein, 4-6% fat (up to 40% in the embryo), 65-70% carbohydrates, yellow grain varieties contain a lot of provitamin A.
Russia ranks 11th in the world ranking of corn producers. In the ranking of cereals, it occupies an honorable third place after wheat and barley.
For Russia, corn is an export commodity.
The company “PHOENIX-BUSINESS” offers its services for the export of corn from Russia to the CIS countries and Asia.


Barley is one of the most widespread grain crops.
It is mainly used for preparing animal feed. Most of the harvested crop is used for these purposes.
The food value of barley is also great. Barley and pearl barley are made from barley. They differ from each other in that the barley groats are crushed, and the pearl barley is whole, in the form of grains. Barley products are popular dietary meals these days.
Russia is one of the largest producers of barley. The company “PHOENIX-BUSINESS” as an exporter supplies barley to the CIS and Asia.


The “PHOENIX-BUSINESS” company, as an importer, offers its customers Iranian rice. Due to its unique aroma, special taste, white and snowy color, Iranian rice is an excellent choice for lovers of delicious food. You can buy Iranian rice from us at a bargain price, and in any volume.


Wheat can rightfully be called the most popular grain crop. No other grain can boast such a high nutritional value. Its main feature is that the grains form gluten.
In many regions of Russia, wheat of various types and varieties is grown, differing in their characteristics and growing methods, for the purpose of domestic use, as well as for export.
The company “PHOENIX-BUSINESS” offers its services for the sale and export of wheat from Russia to the CIS countries, Europe, Asia.